Breaking the Hidden Chains of Low Pay with Pasifika Women

Enhancing employment opportunities for Pasifika communities is not an easy task, especially in a day in age where Pasifika women are the lowest paid ethnic group in Aotearoa. Jobs for Mums is dedicated to addressing the hidden barriers that hinder Pasifika women from progressing, by promoting inclusivity, confidence and equal opportunities.

Research shows that Pasifika women earn only 75c to every dollar earned by the pākeha male. This pay gap is influenced by various factors such as job-related characteristics, educational attainment and occupational segregation. To bridge this gap, Jobs for Mums is committed to understanding these complexities and dismantling the barriers that perpetuate inequality.

The Pacific Pay Gap Inquiry led by the Human Rights Commission (2022) also addresses “unknown” hidden barriers that the research fails to uncover. That is why Jobs for Mums is collaborating with experts and academics to conduct in-depth research on the underlying barriers faced by Pasifika women to help us understand the nuances of such challenges. This research-driven approach ensures that our service is relevant, impactful and capable of driving meaningful change.

Jobs for Mums is committed to empowering our Pasifika communities by breaking down barriers and fostering inclusivity. Through proactive community awareness initiatives, we aspire to create a future where every individual has equal access to opportunities, regardless of their background.

Join us in this transformative journey, and together, let’s build a more inclusive and diverse workforce through Pasifika women.


Written by Seimoana Naisali

Co-founder of Jobs for Mums, PhD Candidate in Flexible Employment Opportunities and Equitable Outcomes for Pasifika Women, proud Pasifika mother of two.

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