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The Great Return: Ensuring work really works for families

Are you ready to tap into the untapped potential of your workforce? Discover the transformative power of a family-friendly workplace that caters to the needs of parents and caregivers. Our comprehensive guide equips employers with invaluable insights and practical strategies to create an inclusive environment where work-life integration thrives, while ensuring sustainable business growth.

Advice for Parents & Carers

Jobs for Mums provides essential information for working parents and caregivers on a range of employment-related issues. 

Advice for Employers

Jobs for Mums supports businesses with family-friendly policies to create enabling and flexible environments that enhance productivity, creativity, and well-being for everyone. 

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Navigating Parenthood and Career Growth at Fonterra

People are at the heart of Fonterra's success, which is why they prioritize offering a wide range of employee benefits,...
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Melanie Jackson on Motherhood, Culture, and Career in the Corporate World”

Explore Melanie Jackson's journey as she prepares to transition back to work as a Senior Accountant and Board Secretary after...
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FletcherTech: Fletcher Building’s Tech Division

FletcherTech is Fletcher Building’s tech division. They work together to shape the futures of all Fletcher Building businesses. With the...
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Opinion Piece: Why Your Team Needs Pasifika Women in the Workforce

In the pursuit of creating an inclusive workforce, Jobs for Mums recognizes the vital role that employers play in driving...
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Breaking the Hidden Chains of Low Pay with Pasifika Women

Enhancing employment opportunities for Pasifika communities is not an easy task, especially in a day in age where Pasifika women...
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Fletcher Construction – Women to Leadership

Fletcher Construction is a team of 3,700 people working under three brands: Fletcher Construction, Higgins, and Brian Perry Civil.  ...
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