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Genuine pathways for career growth at Fletcher Building

Picture a world where the safety and comfort of your home, the strength of buildings, and the reliability of water and electrical infrastructure all have a common thread – the Building Products Division at Fletcher Building. Their division is not just a group of companies; it’s a collective of passionate souls dedicated to making your life better.


With over 1700 dedicated employees across more than 60 sites around New Zealand, they work tirelessly to ensure that the places where your family lives, learns, and thrives are built with a commitment to quality and sustainability.


Their businesses include Winstone Wallboards (GIB) Laminex New Zealand, Comfortech (Pinkbatts) , Iplex Pipelines, Fletcher Steel and Fletcher Wood Products and scale and strong commitment to learning and development enables them to offer genuine opportunities to advance your career across the wider Fletcher Building Group. Check out their video below featuring Mel Semmens, Marketing Manager at Comfortech as she talks about her journey through Fletcher Building.


So, to the Mums out there, regardless of whether you’re exploring opportunities in Customer Service, Sales, Engineering, Production, Marketing, Finance, HR, or any other field, these are just a few of the sectors where Fletcher Building seek exceptional talent. If you want to be a part of their journey where your family’s well-being is our priority, and experience flexibility in working hours, a leading parental leave scheme, genuine pathways for career growth, an amazing educational fund to support your (and your family’s) career goals and an inclusive team environment where it’s not only acceptable but encouraged to prioritise family when needed – then you’ve found your ideal working home!


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