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Opinion Piece: Why Your Team Needs Pasifika Women in the Workforce

In the pursuit of creating an inclusive workforce, Jobs for Mums recognizes the vital role that employers play in driving change. Part of that change is addressing the current ethnic pay gap that exists in New Zealand.

According to the Pacific Pay Gap Inquiry (2022), Pasifika women sit at the bottom of the pay spectrum, earning 25% less than pākeha males. To put this into perspective, Pasifika women will effectively start working for free from early October onwards.

In this blog, we delve into the unique talents offered by Pasifika women and offer seven reasons why you should diversify your workplace with rich, Pasifika talent:

  1. Pasifika women have a rich cultural background rooted in traditions and languages. Their unique set of skills, perspectives and qualities can greatly benefit employers, making for a vibrant work environment full of colour!
  2. Rooted in family and community values, Pasifika women contribute empathy and compassion, fostering positive relationships in teams and with clients.
  3. Many Pasifika women demonstrate strong leadership skills, translating their community influence into effective mentorship and problem-solving in professional settings.
  4. Their cultural sensitivity makes Pasifika women particularly valuable in roles requiring understanding of diverse perspectives, especially in customer-oriented industries.
  5. As daughters of the moana, Pasifika women are often skilled at adapting to new environments. They excel in navigating evolving challenges and tasks, bringing flexibility and openness to the workplace.
  6. Pasifika women have made significant strides in education. Their educational achievements in addition to their ability to engage with diverse backgrounds, makes them valuable contributors in the workplace.
  7. Pasifika women’s storytelling tradition fosters creativity and innovation, enabling them to offer fresh solutions to workplace challenges.

Together with employers, Jobs for Mums strives to build a future where every individual, regardless of their background, is valued, empowered and given equal opportunities to succeed. Join us today in shaping a colourful, diverse and equitable future with Pasifika women.


Written by Seimoana Naisali

Co-founder of Jobs for Mums, PhD Candidate in Flexible Employment Opportunities and Equitable Outcomes for Pasifika Women, proud Pasifika mother of two.

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