Fletcher Construction – Women to Leadership

Fletcher Construction is a team of 3,700 people working under three brands: Fletcher Construction, Higgins, and Brian Perry Civil.


They may be a big team, but they haven’t lost sight of what really matters: looking after their people.


They recognise that treating their people well is only partially about what happens during work hours. It’s also about the impact they have outside of work hours too. That’s why they have incredible learning and development opportunities for staff and their families, industry-leading parental leave, support systems and generous corporate discounts.


They are working towards a goal of 30% or more of their operational leadership roles being filled by women. To do this, they are supporting and fostering their female team members at all levels.


Their Women in Construction network and Women to Leadership programme support their female workforce. They help to shape women’s experiences at work and give practical support to emerging leaders.


The Women to Leadership programme sees women spending a year in a group mentoring setting and completing specially designed workshops. The programme’s aim is to support their rise through the ranks at Fletcher Construction. Women to Leadership was designed by organisational culture specialist Dr Galia Barhava-Monteith.


All of their women have access to free membership to the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) and the NZ Women’s Infrastructure Network (WIN). These memberships are open through the Fletcher Building Equality Network.


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