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We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between your family and career. Here you will find work that will enable you to do both.

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Whether you are looking for something casual, or are looking for your next big move, we have a variety of jobs in 30+ career fields all around NZ.

Family friendly companies

We’ll match you to companies that care and promote work-life balance through flexible working options and employee benefits from additional leave to childcare support.

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New Zealand's Dads face significant barriers to active involvement in parenting, including long work hours, poor parental leave design, and family law challenges
Most fathers take less parental leave than they would like to.
0 < 2%
uptake of paid parental leave (PPL) by fathers is less than 1% 
1 %
Dads want to work fewer hours 
0 %
Want to work more flexible hours 
0 %

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