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You've done the hard yards in making your company a great place to work!

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job platform in Aotearoa. ​

Let Jobs for Mums be your gateway to showcasing why you are a great place to work.

If you want to win the war for talent, you have to think long-term and be proactive in driving awareness of what your company has to offer.

Instead of chasing the right candidates when a new position opens, Recruiting Marketing continuously drives interest in your company and builds a pool of high-quality job candidates over time.

Why is this important?

Treating your Candidates like customers improves time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, and quality of hire. We know;​

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of candidates will research your company’s reputation before applying for your job opening

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of employers say that Employer Brand plays a significant role in their ability to hire latent.

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of job seekers say family-friendly policies are TOP priority when seeking new employment

How we can help

Showcase your family-friendly initiatives, policies, and company culture through Jobs for Mums.

Our platform offers various advertising opportunities, including sponsored content, banner advertisements, and targeted email campaigns, to showcase your employer brand, company values, and career opportunities. This exposure helps employers build a positive employer brand image and casts a wide net of candidates even before job vacancies become available vacancies.

Why Partner with

Jobs for Mums

Build Trust

Gain the trust, credibility, and enhanced brand perception associated with our trusted platform.

Establish point of difference

Family-friendly employment is a TOP talent magnet. Showcase your family-friendly values as a point of difference for your organisation.

Brand Visibility and Engagement

Our platform offers various advertising opportunities, including sponsored content, banner advertisements, and targeted email campaigns, to maximise your Employer brand visibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility aligned

Demonstrate a supportive and inclusive recruitment process, enhancing your brand reputation and attracting top talent.​

Our Services

Social Media Marketing​

Talk to our community where they spend their time. Leverage the 15,000+ Jobs for Mums followers on our Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles which reach an average of 150,000 a month.​

Boosted Job Adverts

Sponsored Content


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Content Marketing​

Get your employee brand in front of New Zealand’s #1 family-friendly job site with over 20,000 job seekers visiting every month, your message is sure to make an impact.

Blog content

Employer Case Studies

Video Production

Display Advertising

+ more

Email Newsletter​

From newsletter placements to solus emails, get your message in the inbox of over 10,000 job seekers nationwide.​

Solus email

Newsletter advertising

Community Outreach

Our Community Outreach Service goes beyond traditional recruitment methods, allowing us to tap into hidden talent pools and diverse networks through our extensive community network. ​

Job Placement

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